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After Care for TMD Therapy Fort Mill, SC
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Temporo-Mandibular Disorder or TMD is a serious dental condition that we see in some of our clients. It involves symptoms of pain and discomfort that can escalate over time. We encounter many cases wherein neglected cases of the condition result in untoward outcomes that need much time and effort to remedy. As such, we advocate the prompt consultation and treatment for any TMD-associated signs and symptoms.
Fortunately for most patients, our dental team is highly skilled in delivering relief from TMD-related pain. It involves a thorough diagnostic procedure involving the use of current dental imaging techniques, and careful monitoring by one of our licensed dentists. After treatment, patients are to carry out personal remedies at home to prevent the recurrence and decrease the severity of the disorder:

Regular Medications

TMD is an inflammatory process that can cause swelling, accompanied by an aching sensation in the affected area. To provide our patients with a solution to this problem, we often prescribe anti-inflammatory medications. Patients should take these regularly to prevent increasing the severity of the pain sensation. Many of our clients report increased relief through these therapeutic medicines. In case of situations where allergic symptoms or other adverse reactions crop up, clients seek immediate consultation for assessment and distribution of alternative therapy.

Modified Diet

To prevent aggravating TMD, we advise patients to avoid putting stress on the jaw through aggressive biting and chewing. It is ideal to avoid hard food items, or those that require an excessive amount of chewing to digest. Soft meals such as porridge and bread rolls are acceptable at this time. A full liquid diet also prevents stress to the jaw.

Occasional Compress

Another way to provide relief by diminishing pain symptoms is through applying a warm compress on the affected area. Hot water bottles and gel pads are available at any drugstore, and can help solve the problem easily. We encourage patients to apply the compress for around 20 minutes while moving the jaw about. Flexing the jaw slowly and encouraging regular movement will prevent it from locking or freezing up due to disuse. This form of regular exercise can also encourage blood flow and speed up the healing process.
Keeping to these methods can help ease pain and speed up the recovery process. Dental conditions such as TMD are often easily treatable and through diligent after-treatment care, the avoidance of recurrence is highly possible.

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