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Wisdom Teeth Removal

The final teeth to arrive are the wisdom teeth, aptly named for their emergence around the time that teens become adults. While many people receive their wisdom teeth with no issues at all, just a little discomfort as they come in, others are not as fortunate. Wisdom teeth can cause problems, both when they come in and later in life. If wisdom teeth are causing you pain or problems, our team at Gold Hill Dentistry can help with stress-free wisdom teeth removal services.

In most cases, it is our goal to save teeth with family dentistry treatments whenever possible. Unless it can benefit the health of the patient, we want to promote retaining your natural teeth. However, wisdom teeth can be the one exception to the rule. These large molars are prone to causing problems from the very beginning. Some become impacted in the gums, growing in the wrong direction or not emerging at all. This can cause misalignment of the other teeth, sinus problems and even infections. Even if they do arrive without problems, many wisdom teeth end up with decay and are difficult to keep healthy due to their remote location in the back of the mouth.

Comfortable Molar Extractions

We understand that having any tooth removed is not a delightful experience for most people. If wisdom tooth extraction is needed, we provide a calm, relaxing atmosphere with experienced dental experts to ensure your comfort. You will feel no pain during the procedure and we offer nitrous oxide for sedation if you want extra assistance relaxing during your wisdom tooth removal. Our team will ensure you have all the instructions and medications needed for a fast recovery once your wisdom teeth are removed.

If you have a wisdom tooth that is causing problems or a teen with wisdom teeth on the way, contact us today to schedule an appointment to come see us at Gold Hill Dentistry. We can perform an exam and determine whether wisdom teeth removal is the best options for you.

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