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Benefits of Saving a Tooth Instead of Removing It Fort Mill, SC
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Teeth can become damaged and infected just like any other living part of the human body. A tooth that has become infected or seriously decayed should not be allowed to remain inside the mouth, as infection and decay can spread to neighboring teeth and gums. However, not all “bad” teeth need to be removed. In fact, there are several benefits of saving a tooth instead of removing it. Root canal therapy, antibiotics, and other treatment options are often successful methods that provide benefits over tooth extraction.

  • Protection of the entire mouth. Any time a tooth is missing from the mouth, the neighboring teeth are left vulnerable to becoming loose. Bones are made up of living tissues, and when they lose support bone degeneration will begin to occur. A hole in the mouth where a tooth should be will cause the jaw bone to soften, and the teeth surrounding the hole will begin to shift out of position – leading to the loss of more teeth. Therefore, saving a tooth helps to protect the entire mouth from the negative residual effects.
  • Proper function. Most people take for granted how much the teeth really do when it comes to providing proper function of the mouth. Having a complete set of teeth affects your chewing, speaking, laughing, and even coughing capabilities. Missing teeth alter the alignment of the teeth, and a gaping hole in the teeth can produce unwanted sounds, slurs, and discomforts.
  • Maintain your natural appearance. Aside from maintaining a complete and attractive smile, saving a tooth over removing it provides a benefit to your natural appearance. The jaw bone affects how the outward appearance of your face looks. If your jaw bone begins to deteriorate, your entire face will change in appearance. An incomplete smile and the changing of your facial appearance can lead to poor self-esteem, lack of confidence, and have a negative impact on your personal and professional life.
  • Less down time. A tooth extraction is considered a surgical procedure. While a single tooth extraction is a minor procedure, multiple teeth extractions are considered to be major procedures. With any type of surgery there will be down time. Saving a tooth via root canal therapy, antibiotics, or other treatment options will require much invasive treatment and down time.

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