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Having Amalgam Fillings Replaced Fort Mill, SC
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Many people in the last ten years have begun to either dislike the appearance of their amalgam fillings or have concerns over the safety of mercury amalgam in their mouths. Amalgam fillings are comprised of mercury, tin, copper, silver, and zinc, with mercury making up at least 50% of the amalgam filling. In the early 2000s, many dentists began to switch to white, or composite, fillings because of the positive feedback that other dentists and patients had.

At Gold Hill Dentistry, we offer our patients the service of having their amalgam fillings replaced with tooth colored fillings. There is much research that shows that composite fillings actually bond the tooth together better than amalgam fillings. Removing the old mercury amalgams and replacing them with a white filling is a common request among many patients who dislike the appearance of their silver fillings. We offer the very best in tooth colored fillings that will mimic the look and feel of your natural teeth.

Dr. Kavi Sagunarthy and Dr. Jennifer Mokris work with an experienced and talented dental team who are dedicated to restoring their patients’ mouths with the very best in filling materials. The health and comfort of our patients is the highest priority at Gold Hill Dentistry, and we offer sedation dentistry using nitrous oxide and oral sedation for those who need a little help relaxing during a dental procedure. If you are interested in having your amalgam fillings replaced with tooth colored fillings, contact our dental practice today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you achieve the healthy, beautiful, and long-lasting smile that you desire.

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Very professional, thorough, gentle and kind!

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I have always had great care. The staff is just wonderful, friendly and caring. Thank you for all you do!

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The staff is always warm, helpful, professional and expert! I love this practice.

Dan Fisherman

The entire staff are incredibly kind and Dr. Kasik is a very talented dentist.

Anita Blake

Friendly and accommodating staff scheduled an appointment within 24 hours of calling in due to broken filling. Competent and professional staff completed the repair in less than an hour, perfectly!

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