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Teeth Whitening Mistakes Fort Mill, SC
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A whiter, brighter smile has been desired for decades, and people have gone to many different lengths to achieve it. From coffee lovers to brides-to-be, the teeth whitening business has continued to thrive. However, many people are choosing to whiten their teeth on their own in order to save time and money – or so they think. In fact, many people have wasted money on over the counter products that are unable to give them the results that they desire, or worse, they have damaged their teeth and now have costly dental bills.

The following are common teeth whitening mistakes that need to be avoided in order to protect the health of your smile and to achieve a truly whiter, more beautiful smile.

Not seeking advice from your dentist – Your dentist wants you to have a healthy smile above all else. Understanding what products to use in order to safely whiten your teeth is essential in lifting discoloration while also protecting your tooth enamel. Many people want to try whitening their teeth on their own because they think that professional dental appointments are scary or too expensive. However, not seeking advice from your dentist can leave you with unwanted results and damage to your teeth. You need to make sure that your teeth are healthy enough for whitening treatment before you begin any whitening procedure.

Improper use of whitening strips – Whitening strips are convenient to use at home or on the go. However, many people use these strips improperly and leave their teeth vulnerable to damage. The most common mistake that whitening strip users make is keeping the strips on too long. They think that the longer the strips are on the teeth, the whiter the teeth will get. This is inaccurate and unsafe. Leaving whitening strips on the teeth for too long can cause uneven whitening to occur, and it can weaken the tooth enamel. Before you begin using whitening strips, speak with your dentist. And if you use them, please use them as directed.

One-size-fits-all trays – At-home teeth whitening kits that come with trays that you purchase over the counter will not give you the results you desire. Whitening trays need to be custom-made in order to fit securely against your teeth. One-size-fits-all trays will not spread whitening gel evenly on the teeth, and it can cause the gel to seep onto the gum tissues, causing damage and sensitivity to occur. Your cosmetic dentist can create customized whitening trays for professional results.

Over whitening – Over whitening has become an addiction to many people who desire to have a whiter smile. Instead of making lifestyle changes (e.g. giving up coffee, wine, tobacco), they simply whiten their teeth more often. This overuse of whitening products can leave the teeth vulnerable to damage and decay because the tooth enamel is weakened from whitening products being used too often. If you have not achieved the results you desired, contact your cosmetic dentist.

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