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The Importance of Flossing Fort Mill, SC
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Flossing is not just something that should be done to remove food from between the teeth. In addition to regular dental cleanings & checkups, flossing is an essential component of optimal oral health, which is why dentists are known for asking their patients if they have been flossing regularly or not. While many people are committed to brushing their teeth twice a day, flossing is often a task that is not done as often as it should be. What many people do not understand is that flossing plays one of the most important roles in oral health.

Floss is an “interdental cleaner” – meaning that it is specifically designed to clean the tight spaces between the teeth and the gap between the base of the gums and the teeth. Toothbrushes are not designed to clean these spaces, and if floss is not used regularly (optimally once a day) then plaque and tartar begin to build up. Tiny particles of food that are left in these small spaces will begin to break down and form plaque. When plaque is also not removed by flossing it will harden and accrete over time to form tartar. Tartar is the thick deposit that people associate with the “scraping” at the dentist’s office. When tartar builds up it begins to negatively impact the gums causing gingivitis, which can quickly turn into periodontitis – a severe gum disease that results in severe inflammation and tooth and bone loss.

Many people need to only hear that regular flossing will exponentially cut back on the amount of scraping that must be done at a dental appointment. Tartar is difficult to remove, and only professional scraping with dental tools can remove it. However, preventing tartar buildup from the start with regular flossing can help to ensure a more pleasant dental appointment.

At Gold Hill Dentistry, we want to partner with all of our patients to help them promote optimal oral health – starting with the basics of dental care. Flossing goes a long way in cleaning the mouth…so start today!!

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