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Am I A Good Candidate for Dental Implants? Fort Mill, SC
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Dental implants are the gold standard in teeth replacement. If you have missing teeth, you should consider dental implants in your list of restorative dentistry options. While most patients do qualify for dental implants, there are some situations and factors that can lower your chances for success. Keep in mind, however, that dental implants carry an exemplary success rate of 95%. Therefore, if a skilled implant dentist tells you that you meet the criteria for dental implants, you can be confident in this life-changing solution.

When it comes to the criteria for dental implants, there are some requirements that can be adjusted and addressed to help you qualify. Others will need to be carefully weighed in your decision to invest in implant dentistry.

In general, here are the most common prerequisites for implant dentistry:

Missing Tooth or Teeth. First and foremost, you must have a tooth or multiple teeth that need to be replaced. This can involve one single tooth or a full arch of teeth, as dentures can also be supported by dental implants.

Adequate Bone Support. The next important factor involves the condition of your jaw bone. Your jaw will support the implant for a lifetime so it needs to have proper density, width and height. Implants cannot be placed in children because their bones are not fully developed. If you lack jaw bone support, you can discuss bone grafting to help you qualify for dental implants.

Good Overall Health. Dental implants involve surgery and a critical period of healing. It is imperative that your body be healthy enough to foster the entire process. There are certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, that need to be well-managed and under control before getting implants.

Non-Smoker. If you have a smoking habit, you’ll need to put an end to it for a set period of time before and after dental implant surgery. Smoking can impede oral healing and contribute to complications after surgery.

Healthy Gums. Patients with gum disease or a high risk of periodontal infection should avoid dental implants. Just like your underlying jawbone, your gums must be healthy enough to support an implant too!

Commitment to Oral Health. While dental implants don’t require extra maintenance, they do demand a commitment to daily brushing and flossing as well as routine visits to the dentist.

No Bruxism. If you have a teeth grinding or teeth clenching habit, you’ll need to take steps to address the oral habit before getting dental implants. The extra pressure and force that clenching places on your implant could lead to implant failure.

Visit Gold Hill Dentistry!

The best way to determine whether you are a candidate for implant dentistry is to visit a qualified and experienced dental implant dentist. At Gold Hill Dentistry, we take pride in our ability to place successful dental implants. Schedule your consult today and we can tell you what to expect with dental implants or another restorative solution.

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