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Root Canal Therapy Vs. Extraction Fort Mill, SC
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If you’ve ever experienced the pain of an infected tooth, you know how desperate you are to eliminate the pain as quickly as possible. However, before you resort to having the tooth pulled, you should know the consequences. In most cases, you also have the option of having a root canal performed. Don’t let this procedure scare you. In fact, it can rid you of your discomfort quickly while saving your natural tooth at the same time.

When a tooth suffers damage or decay that has penetrated the inner tooth, the nerve chamber or tooth pulp is affected. This can cause excruciating pain, especially when exposed to extreme temperatures or when biting down. When this occurs, you may be tempted to have the tooth removed altogether. Seems like a simpler, quicker and less painful solution, right? Not necessarily.

Drawbacks of Removing a Tooth

While it is true that a tooth extraction will get rid of your infected tooth pain, you’ll be left with several issues to address. A missing permanent tooth (anywhere in your mouth) can jeopardize your dental function, your oral health and your smile appearance. When a tooth is removed, the following drawbacks are likely to occur:

  • Shifting teeth (when adjacent teeth migrate towards the empty space)
  • Greater chance of decay (due to tight spaces within crooked/shifting teeth)
  • Bone loss (due to missing tooth root and inadequate jaw stimulation)
  • Compromised speech and chewing (depending on where the missing tooth is located)
  • Costly and more invasive tooth replacement (when a dental implant is needed)

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Now that you understand that pulling your painful tooth isn’t the easy solution you thought it would be, you’ll be relieved to know that root canal therapy is. Root canal treatment involves removing the infected pulp of the tooth, cleaning the inner chamber of all harmful bacteria and filling the area with a special material. Your tooth will be sealed off for future protection and restored back to optimal health.

Many root canal treatments are followed by dental crown placement to ensure the tooth has regained maximum strength for every day function. Rest assured the entire process is completed with modern anesthetics as well as sedation dentistry if you prefer. In short, you can remain comfortable and relaxed the entire time! Best of all, you can walk away without the pain you came with.

To learn more about why root canal therapy is the preferred answer to infected tooth pain, call Gold Hill Dentistry today. We complete all of our dental procedures with the highest attention to your personal comfort and safety.

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